I always enjoy checking out the demos from these events. Has anyone else tried any yet? Would love to hear about any fun demos you’ve found.

  • Essence_of_Meh@kayb.ee
    1 year ago

    Reverse Collapse: Code Name Bakery demo is finally here!

    Not sure if there are any Girls’ Frontline fans here but RC is a turn based strategy (well, tactics) game set in the same universe.
    Haven’t played much yet but it’s pretty fun so far - graphically looks like a mix of improved GFL and XCOM, gameplay is easy to grasp and looks like it might be a bit of a challenge when aiming for all bonus objectives on higher difficulties.
    Also works perfectly with proton!

    Now to test it with Deck…

    Update on Deck:
    Game runs pretty great, with two caveats:

    • UI during combat sections (mostly dialog) is a bit small
    • videos in tutorial prompts don’t show up at all
    • game defaulted to KB+M controls scheme, had to change to gamepad

    No other issues so far, plays great with normal gamepad preset. Battery life is also rather nice (~4 hours in my case).