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  • It’s not like they can really avoid it. AI assisted tools will become a standard in the future (“productivity has to go up” after all) and there’s a good chance Valve already received some feedback from AAA publishers on that matter, since they’ll be the main players utilizing such tech.

    The good thing here is the exsitance of a disclaimer on store pages, as it will allow people to decide for themselves, and the ability to report content straight from in-game overlay.

    Full on ban was never a realistic option.

  • It does a good job at pointing out flaws with Steam UI and how they could be fixed (something Valve is apparently unable to do themselves).

    While the design in this video isn’t perfect, it’s way better than the current shitshow and I don’t see why people (especially those who know what they’re doing) shouldn’t remind a multibillion company they should do better.

  • I think these are new - there’s a comment on the project page asking about “playing the classic Red Alert maps” and one of the devs replied they would require some modifications to work.

    Besides, original missions can be played with OpenRA so I don’t think they would port them here without at least adding support for the new factions (which in turn would require changes in story?).

    That’s just my guess based on some research though, I’m not a specialist when it comes to these projects.

  • I think you’re making this a little bit more complicated than necessary. Those gadgets are cool but that would probably require more support by the devs than a simple keybinds and considering how niche this stuff is… I think the latter is a more probable option.

    Those two axis you mentioned would be modified together anyway since we’d want the speed modifier to be the same no matter the direction. Alternatively one could make it into a separate variable included in speed calculations - this way you can keep the direct input value provided by the controller (whether it’s a gamepad or a keyboard) and have one more piece that can sit unchanged when playing with analog controls.

    Mouse scroll was an example since that’s how it worked in Splinter Cell back in the day (it’s also how Star Citizen does it today). You could just as well use any other key to increase/decrease the this muliplier (or make it mouse scroll + modifier key).

    Overall, I do agree that more flexibility in input mapping would be a good thing. Can’t go wrong with giving people more choice.

  • I was mostly thinking about action (or generally keyboard walking) games but that’s good to know, I never got to play those titles honestly.

    It’s not like customizable difficulty would be mandatory - you have your default presets and an option to customize. You could even add a disclaimer about how “modifying difficulty can break the experience” or whatever.
    I’d rather have a choice and not use it than be stuck with options that never feel “right”.

    I realize that games (and software in general) today are about simplifying things and removing any possibility of user messing up but it can make the end product way less engaging in my opinion.

  • Some things were already mentioned so here my other pet peeves:

    • customizable difficulty - no default preset will be as good as one that can be modified to your liking. Sometimes the issue lies with difficulty making things more of a chore than a challenge, sometimes they tune things too much where you get stuck in a weird middle ground where one difficulty is way too easy and the other bashes your teeth in.
    • character speed control on PC - we had this stuff figured out in 2002, when Splinter Cell came out! Why the hell are we still stuck with terribly slow walk and slightly too fast jogging? This isn’t hard to implement either - there are already multiple speed states when playing with a gamepad, all that’s required is an option to control it with a keybind.
    • visible body in first person games - I always try to immerse myself as much as possible and having a physical body helps sell the idea that I’m a character in this world rather than just a floating camera.

  • I also completely forgot to mention another duo - Chip & Ironicus.

    This one is a little different as they record their commentary over premade footage. They can also be a bit more… low energy (?) compared to many bigger channels but if there’s one thing they (or more specifically Chip) really shine in, is the huge amount of effort put into each and every playthrough.

    Pretty much every episode is released in two versions, cut and uncut commentary, to let you choose whether you want the option to focus during cutscenes etc. They are also filled with cool trivia, secrets and just good skill level in general.
    They have a pretty legendary MGSV LP where Chip prepared 3 seperate playthroughs, each with a different approach (stealth, combat and goofy).

    Besides that, they also have stream recordings with live commentary, a podcast and regular charity streams.

    Chip worked at recently closed Volition so he could definitely use more views.