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  • You definitely would have figured this out eventually, but the back buttons are SUPER handy and you can remap any games controls on the fly! I personally hate pushing the thumb sticks down as a button, so I almost always remap those to the back buttons.

    Also you can adjust the graphics settings on the fly (three dots button on right) and then move up to the battery menu to see their impact on real time.

  • This is honestly one where I get both sides of the argument. On the one hand, some of what was in the game doesn’t really fly as happily as it did when the game release. It’s honestly probably a good thing overall that things like forced sexualization and racial exploitation, to name only a couple quoted in the article, are more taboo and not as easily accepted now. I can also understand the desire to want to distance yourself from that as a dev team.

    On the other hand, this is also an example of a product that people paid for, have used for a decade and should be theirs to decide how to use, being changed after the fact without their say or consent. That’s a bait and switch long con, and regardless of what was removed, it should be up to the purchaser of that gets implemented.