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  • So, I tried the demo for this when they first showcased it, and I love DON’T NOD a lot, but I just couldn’t get behind this one. Honestly the gameplay was tedious but you get the sense that it’s done like that on purpose, it’s suppose to feel like a goal when you reach the top of whatever you were climbing. Typically to make up for that kind of flow in games, they make the story very rewarding for the player, and I don’t know if it was just me but I just couldn’t bring myself to care about the world I was exploring. When I found notes they didn’t illicit any sort of emotions out of me they just kind of felt like, hey you found a thing good job, enjoy reading about how this person made some soup or something. I dunno, I really wanted to like it from the aesthetic to the vibe, but I just couldn’t. Anyone else kind of feel that way too, or am I crazy?

  • Look, I was enjoying the game a lot, but these articles are getting a little out of hand. I don’t think this game is as huge a triumph as journalists might have you believe.

    Yes the gaming landscape is filled with MTX heavy live-services but as much as BG3 is a complete product it’s not as if we don’t still get games like that just look at the other releases in 2023 it started off with freakin’ Hi-Fi Rush.

    And for all it’s successes BG3 still has major faults. It preforms terribly after only a few hours of play to what I can only imagine is a memory leak issue but performance issues aside there are mechanical problems that are baked into the core of the game so…

    I dunno, I’m glad that the game is finding success and I’m glad that people are enjoying it but it’s just a bit much, I mean Bombrush Cyberfunk just came out and I’ve heard nothing on that game from these outlets.