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  • Kayn@dormi.zoneMtoWarframe@dormi.zoneWeekly Warframe: Baruuk
    2 months ago

    He’s another frame I like to take for a spin from time to time. I have a bit of a soft spot for Exalted melee brawlers; they’re one of my favorite power fantasies for frames.

    I think his Restraint mechanic is an interesting way of gating access to his strongest ability, though I do find it hilarious that his optimal build requires you to absolutely decimate his ability duration.

  • Kayn@dormi.zoneOPMtoWarframe@dormi.zoneDevstream #178 Megathread
    4 months ago
    Expand this comment to view an automatically updated live recap of the devstream, brought to you by [Cephalon_Zelgius](/u/ and [Kliuqard](/u/

    Preparing for the recap, as usual.

    #For the Soulframe section of the stream, check out this post on r/PlaySoulframe


    • Gift of the lotus alerts after the stream: Forma BP & Riven Cipher

    Anniversary celebration

    • 11 year anniversary merch

    • new item: dex nikana reward for logging in starting march 27th

    • as usual, all previous rewards return


    Dante Unbound, coming march 27th

    Protea Prime

    Stalker Update: Jade Shadows


    • Excalibur ≠ Arthur (Arthur will not show up in your arsneal instead of excal)

    • Ben Starr had a great nap

    • “conflict between humanity and the not human”

    • “Proto-frames”

    • Proto Excalibur: Arthur voiced by Ben Starr

    • Proto-Mag: Aoi voiced by Alpha Takahashi

    • Motorcycle

    • “atomicycle”

    • “pretty big role”

    • more details at tennocon

    • core warframe, but ever so slightly different (“it’s not duviri or anything”)

    Various Q&A

    Q: Caliban buffs?

    A: He’s under the gaze of pablo

    Q: any other rewords?

    A: an unnamed frame is being looked at

    Q: What inspired proto-mag (aoi)

    A: Liger. Aoi as contrast to Arthur. Tennocon might bring more proto-frame designs

    Q: removing pseudo exalted weapons / stat sticking?

    A: removing stat sticks would result in buffs for pseudo exalted, but no specific plans

    Q: trading improvements?

    A: no immediate plans for features

    Q: Drifter in profile view? new cosmetics (trench coat?)

    A: interesting idea. more outfits coming soon

    Q: More incentive for legendary mastery ranks?

    A: no tactical rewards planned, maybe social ones

    Q: infested liches?

    A: watch tennocon

    Q: dark sector inspirations?

    A: warframe is sci-fi of the original dark sector ideas, so 1999 is kinda like dark sector again (but no remaster)

    Q: Fashion proto-frame?

    A: yes.

    Q: grate prime?

    A: confimred by ben starr

    A: is squadlink ever coming back?

    Q: not totally dead (just mostly), but maybe not returning as expected. something is being tested

    Q: did anyone actually go to space? (an old contest)

    A: nah, they jsut took the money (was an option from the beginning)

    Q: Warframe tabletop game?

    A: a content creator is working on a homebrew ttrpg, but no official plans

    Q: Kit-Frames?

    A: there was an old concept, but no actual plans

    Q: To Rebb: Are you personally happy with movement in warframe?

    A: bringing back wallrunning would be cool, but movement is great as it is now

    Q: Soulframe movement similar to warframe

    A: much slower

    Q: Soulframe: other inspirations than “Cozy” fantasy?

    A: player as healer, nature vs technology, romanticism

    Q: if you could go on a date with a warframe, who would it be?

    A: Geoff: Excal, Megan: Valkyr, Rebb: all of htem

    Q: favourite voice acting parts for Ben

    A: some not yet revealed stuff, also that he is a lovable character, despite being a relatively rough, “cool” character

    Q: Titania Buffs?

    A: tribue might be more user friendly, but she’s otherwise in a very good spot

    Those Dex Pixia do kill, indeed

    Q: What NPC would be your bestie?

    A: Ben: Fibonacci, Megan: Ordis, Geoff: Lotus (totally not forced to say that), Rebb: little duck

    Q: Where is Veso?

    A: Veko is still dead.

    Q: Clan improvements?

    A: more clan events are planned

    Q: how are new characters developed?

    A: Library of devs and their passions. “the team is diverse and loves really cool shit”. also keith thompson is build different

    Q: Void key style content?

    A: “tease” with dagath keys, omnia fissures are somewhat similar

    Q: protea toggle for visor?

    A: maybe?

    Q: fashionframe: DE colour palette of dev picked colours? (“Megans greatest hits”)

    A: cool idea

    Q: New Necramechs?

    A: Not anytime soon, but necramech enemy AI is being reworked

    Q: clem quest?

    A: he’s already pretty busy, but maybe

    Q: spawn rates and reactant in cross-platform missions are wonky

    A: the worst causes can be tweaked

    Q: duviri drifter melee on star chart?

    A: maybe? would take some time to come up with a good implementation

    Q: clan / alliance collaboration events?

    A: social rewards are always great, so maybe?