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  • I haven’t ever seen a gaming community so happy about closable doors.

    Jokes aside all the hands ons have lowered my weariness about Payday 3 quite a bit. It seems to be backing away from some of the RPG elements PD2 has slowly accrued over the years in favor of being a more tightly designed tactical horde shooter. It’ll be hard going back to only 8 heists for $50, but history’ll probably repeat itself and we’ll be back at 16 or so heists in a mega pack for ~$20

    Still remember, no preorders.

  • Boomer shooter isn’t the worst genre name ever, in fact I think it fits the genre quite well. There are certainly a lot of things going boom in a typical boomer shooter, and the baby boomers are only one generation off of the “proper” generation, so it represents its age.

    Certainly better than the -likes, do you guys really want the “doom-likes” term to resurface?