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  • My partner and I are playing Lego Fortnite of all things. We’re having a good time. Played a lot of Lego Star Wars when it was new. Lego Lord of the Rings had a couple frustrating bugs that we got fed up with and kept us from finishing it.

    In general with Lego LOTR and Lego Star Wars I recall being disappointed that a lot of the building was scripted - “hold to build”. Lego Fortnite has a nice mix of full-building blueprints and freeform piece placement, although it’s not quite block-by-block pieces.

  • I’ve seen this twice: once when a friend tried to join profit taker and was unable to enter the arena because the door was shut, and once when a friend had to work through a grineer lockdown door that nobody else could see. Nothing nearly as consistent as you are describing though. We just restarted, shrugged or swapped hosts, and moved on.

  • Hmm, I really think pointing new players anywhere near open world areas isn’t a good idea right now. The areas are more difficult than their level implies, it’s a new set of mission types and mechanics to learn when a new player is still figuring out regular missions and mechanics, the teleporter mechanic of “hold M and click” isn’t obvious, lack of an archwing can make things a slog, the areas aren’t representative of typical gameplay.