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  • Ya know, I wouldn’t mind ads,


    No, I’m never going to buy a car based off an ad. Block em all.

    No, I’m never switching insurance companies based on an ad.

    No, I’m not interested in mobile games. Ever.

    And yet when I tell google, block this content, not interested, I don’t want to see this particular topic.

    It just doesn’t fucking listen.

    You’d think this would be an absolute GOLD MINE of information that google would want, to better focus their ads,.

    But they just ignore it,

    It’s not about linking people to stuff they are interested in and taking a percentage… it’s about wasting everyone’s fucking time, and then they wonder why people run ad blockers.

  • brand-exclusive proprietary software

    But to be fair, nVidia has also been pumping massive amounts of $$$ into R&D in both the Graphics and AI space.
    They need return on their R&D investment somehow.

    And it’s not like they are cutting AMD out of the AI enhanced stuff.
    They just aren’t going to spend $$$ and effort to help AMD implement their solutions, and AMD doesn’t have the hardware to run the AI functions properly.

    AMD can implement RTX if they wanted to, nVidia’s research papers are out there.
    But they can’t because they don’t have the knowledge of how to implement it.

    And it isn’t like AMD is sharing with Intel any of their R&D work they do on the CPU side.

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    11 months ago

    My biggest complaint is still an RPG being consolified, meaning its menu’s are all shit because of controllers.
    Interactions in this game would me so much better if it were designed from the ground up for mouse, point and click, drag, etc.

    My only other complaint is I wish I could fly and land the craft myself similar to No Man’s Sky. You can land on planet, shit is still random gen, but there’s some hardpoint spots where your ship can land in a city or outpost.

    The positive sides that surprised me is the ship building is great. Always wanted a game that allowed this kind of ship building.
    Space Engineers or similar are great, but can be too much detail. This snap together modular blocks is nice middle ground.

    I’m also impressed the engine is able to handle so many micro collisions of items on the ground.

  • I don’t give a shit what they do.

    I can block them, just like every other community I don’t want in my timeline.

    Hopefully at some point, if we see entire servers being a problem and not just the one community on that server,

    we can have the ability to block the server in its entirety, even our server doesn’t decide to de-fed with them.

    Ideally, kbin will allow us to decide for ourselves what servers/communities to block instead of deciding for us.