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  • This is it right here, at least for me personally. I’m a huge Dragon Age fan (played through DAO and DA2 before Inquisition’s release) who has always been vaguely interested in Larian’s Divinity Original Sin games but never made them a priority in my backlog. Seeing the cinematic cutscenes and the 3rd-person voice acted dialog for BG3 made me immediately interested and now I’m 10-ish hours deep into Baldur’s Gate and loving it!

    Also slowly resigning myself to DA4 not even coming close to matching BG3 in quality given the circumstances of its development.

  • That’s helpful; this sounds like a docker issue or qBit issue then. The default qBit location for torrents is /downloads, but you’d need to make sure to point it towards the container volume mapping you’re setting up in docker.

    my relevant qBittorrent compose volume mapping is as follows:

          - /volume1/shared/torrents:/data/torrents

    Personally, I don’t separate my torrent downloads by type; I use incoming & completed folders. Here’s how I set up my qBittorrent config:

    Original Value New Value
    Session\DefaultSavePath=/downloads/ Session\DefaultSavePath=/data/torrents/1_completed/
    Session\TempPath=/downloads/incomplete/ Session\TempPath=/data/torrents/2_incoming/
    Downloads\SavePath=/downloads/ Downloads\SavePath=/data/torrents/1_completed/
    Downloads\TempPath=/downloads/incomplete/ Downloads\TempPath=/data/torrents/2_incoming/