Join the development team on a special date of Thursday, June 29th at 2 pm ET for the last Devstream before TennoCon 2023! We’ll be going over The Seven Crimes of Kullervo Update, what’s in store for the days leading up to TennoCon, and of course, more information about the big day of TennoCon 2023!

Watch to earn yourself a Twitch Drop of an Umbra Forma!

See you over at twitch.tv/warframe Thursday, June 29th at 2 p.m. ET!

  • Kaldo
    10 months ago

    I dunno, I know Duviri was huge but it’s tennocon - they will probably have something brand new to tease us with, even if it’s just soulframe news. Not that I’d mind Duviri updates either, I’ve been enjoying it very much, Kullervo is already cookin’ in the foundry and I can’t wait to try him out.

    Or imagine they announce a big railjack rework 3.0 😁