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  • I rarely use YouTube, but my nephew (he’s two) was over the other day and we put on some cartoons for him that were in YouTube since my wife and I don’t have Disney plus. I couldn’t BELIEVE how many ads it showed. One five-minute merry melodies cartoon had FOUR SEPARATE ad breaks, the third and fourth of which were both 3+ minutes long if you weren’t paying attention to skip.

    Wtf?! Not even shit ass normal broadcast television has that many commercials.

  • Someone else recommended Darkest Dungeon. Any time I see it I also recommend Iratus: Lord of the Dead. It’s a similar game but has a much more forgiving learning curve, less grind, and IMO is much more customizable. Both are excellent though. Iratus uses a nav map much more akin to slay the spire, so no “walking”, just click and it goes, and you can route plan ahead. DD is similar but you do walk through parts of the dungeons from room to room.

    Also check out Symphony of War, which is an old school style strategy RPG. Maybe not quite what you’re looking for but I’d argue more similar in style than not, and the “walking” I think of from your post is 100% absent from this game.

  • Seriously, how many times have you heard Redditors complain that a community has gotten too toxic, or too meme-filled, or too obnoxious, or too (insert whatever adjective).

    Guess what - on Lemmy, you and all the people that think that can start a new one, and you can moderate that stuff out. And the people that enjoy the existing community and its vibe can remain. And you can all like the same stuff while treating it differently. I’m all for the migration, but man I am getting burnt out on all the fresh rexxitors posting about how they don’t get or want to change lemmy after they’ve been here for like three days.

  • This may/may not be helpful, and seem obvious, but try to think objectively about your situation, and ask yourself “which one will I play more?” I know that seems dumb, but it’s helpful! For me personally my PS5 is in the living room, and my wife likes it when I play out there so she can still talk with me/sit with me…unless I’m playing multiplayer. Then she likes it better when I’m in the other room so she’s not listening to one side of a conversation or get startled when I yell or laugh etc. Also, did you play the others mouse/keyboard? Is that transition going to be too difficult? I’m personally at an age where I hate playing mouse/keyboard because I use both all day for work.

    If you have Steam Deck, maybe PC is the way to go simply for convenience and portability - but will you actually play it on your steam deck? It requires always online I believe, so you can only play where you have a connection and for me personally, that’s not typically when I use my deck. But that’s where everyone’s situation is different.

  • Same man. I realized at some point that I wasn’t having fun playing pvp. I was stressed and when I’d stop playing I’d be in a bad mood even if I had been winning/playing well. I rarely play multiplayer games at all now, single player is my lane and I’m happy to stay in it. I’ll venture out for some coop sometimes but mostly I’m good flying solo.

  • You’re not wrong at all on that, however, the quarantining and banning of hate communities happened before the removal of any and all NSFW subs from /r/all. The hate groups were largely getting restricted well before that. I realize they’re two sides of a similar coin - but there were different motives behind the shifts. Recall also, that most of those groups getting quarantined and banned were not NSFW communities.

    Nobody was using boobs or twerk videos for hate speech. A 4K/60FPS version of that gif of Alexandra Daddario wasn’t being used to advocate violence against political figures. That later shift was done purely for user control of content. Reddit (probably) isn’t getting click shares off of imgur reposts of daddarios boobs. If they’re not standing to gain, they lose every time someone leaves the front page and goes to a sub page to explore more. They also get fewer eyes on their paid content if people are turned off from using /r/all because they don’t want to see said boobs. That particular move was a dollars and cents content control move only.